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    • Are you afraid to go out?
    • Do people make you feel nervous?
    • Do you drink too much in social situations?
    • Do you get upset with people or do they get upset with you?
    • Do you worry about job interviews or exams?
    • Do you have problems maintaining relationships with friends, family or colleagues?
    • Are you sometimes envious of other people’s abilities?

    Is anxiety taking over your life and preventing you from doing things? Are you finding life just a little difficult? Are you feeling overwhelmed?

    If so, an eight to twelve-week course of Rational Emotive Behaviour Therapy could really help you.

    There are many things which can be problematic. Confusing and difficult emotions, relationship difficulties, work concerns, pain and longterm illness, difficult upbringing and life experiences are just some of the things that people find a course of CBT useful for.

    If any of the above sounds like you… book a complementary call with me so we can have a chat and see if this type of therapy will work for you…

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