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    Lasting Change is a Process Not a Resolution


    OK, so I may be the only person in the world telling you NOT to start a diet today, but there’s a really good reason because…

    Diets don’t work

    In fact the most likely outcome for you going on a diet is that you will put on more weight (which is naturally tragic news when you know you’ve wasted so much precious time of your life on a diet, depriving yourself and wishing the weight away.)

    Albert Einstein put it very aptly when he said:

    “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”

    If your same old New Year’s Resolution to ‘lose weight’ hasn’t worked for you all this time, isn’t it time you thought about doing something different..?

    As we look forward to this brand New Year, it’s time for you to let go of all the old inhibiting ideas you are holding on to about weight loss and diets.

    Let go of those stories and you can change the way you view food and your body, for life. Because, here’s the thing:

    • Restricting yourself from the foods you want, only makes you crave them more.
    • Punishing yourself for eating something ‘forbidden’ only diminishes your self-esteem.
    • Cursing yourself when you look in the mirror only crushes your self-respect.

    There is some DELICIOUS NEWS though.

    What does work, is when you stop depriving yourself of what you want. When you learn to love your body, and to treat it with respect. And when you recognise what foods make you feel good, what foods don’t make you feel good, and most importantly: why?

    And I’m here to teach you all of that and more through Mindful Eating…

    I’ll help you rewire your lifelong beliefs around food and your body, so you can learn to completely shift your thinking and patterns around eating, and never have to go on another diet again.

    As a Psychologist in the science of eating, I’m here to help you understand why you’ve struggled to lose weight for so long, and to totally transform your mindset so that you can learn how to thrive in your healthy body, for the rest of your life.

    Let’s face it: the same way you’ve started January every single year hasn’t worked.

    So it’s time to change that, so you can finally get the results you crave.

    If you want to kickstart the New Year with high-level knowledge about your unique body, why dieting hasn’t worked for you so far, and what you can do to finally feel free from food and lose weight as a joyous consequence, you can book in a complimentary call with me where we’ll dig into all of this and set you up for a 2017 that has you brimming with motivation and confidence.

    (And none of that misery and restriction you usually punish yourself with right about now.)

    Ready to do things differently? Get in touch now…