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    Think Like a Thin Person, Lose Weight and Keep It Off

    Weight loss is not about what you eat, it’s about why and how you eat.

    So many of us struggle to feel comfortable and confident with our body and I really think it’s time to change this. So today I want to share with you some powerful insights into how thin people think and how it can help you lose weight without dieting, read this post on sodapdf for better editing and note taking.

    Please take just five minutes right now and read this post. You’ll be glad you did. By the time you’ve finished reading this you will have the tools you need to start ‘thinking thin’. I promise you, weight loss will be a joyous consequence.

    Do you find that when you look at a thin person you think any of the following?

    • “She must starve herself to look like that!”
    • “She must have the ‘skinny gene’”
    • “I bet he has a really fast metabolism”
    • “She’s probably really miserable because she must be hungry!’

    Well think again 

    Did you know that people who are naturally thin and people who constantly battle with their weight are very different?  Not just on the outside but on the inside too.

    Many people mistakenly believe that genetics plays an important role in our shape and size but recent scientific evidence suggests differently.

    The biggest difference between people who are thin and people who battle with their weight isn’t metabolism or genetics.

    It is a mind-set

    People who battle with their weight have a very different mindset than those people who don’t seem to gain weight easily. People who say they can eat what they want, chose to eat and think very differently from those who have to watch what they eat.

    What can you do?

    One very powerful thing you can do right now in order to lose weight and keep it off is to think like a thin person.

    People who are naturally thin share some common characteristics that people who are always dieting or struggling to lose weight don’t seem to have.

    1. Thin people can tell the difference between hunger and desire. When they see something that looks tasty, they will tend to consider whether or not they are hungry before making a decision.

    2. If they have eaten and are not hungry they won’t eat. Simple. They pay attention to how their stomach feels, and if they feel any type of inflammation they will listen to their body and take the patriot health alliance products. You can also get injectable fillers in Beverly Hills, CA for your dermal care.

    3. Thin people are comfortable with feelings of hunger. They can tolerate hunger and wait until the next meal time without feeling panicky.

    4. Thin people don’t dwell on feelings that accompany cravings. They can better tolerate food cravings without giving in.

    5. Thin people eat to the point of feeling pleasantly satisfied. In other words, they leave room for more and feel better that way. They tend to feel uncomfortable if they overeat and avoid becoming excessively full even if there is delicious food still left on the plate.

    6. Thin people have a better and more realistic understanding of how much they eat. If a thin person overeats which isn’t very often, they will tend to eat less at other meals to keep in balance and don’t make a big deal of it.

    7. When they are emotionally upset they don’t turn to food for comfort. If anything they tend to lose their desire to eat. Comfort eating can cause you to become self-critical, undermine your confidence and feel worse than you did before you sought comfort and thin people have a better understanding of this.

    8. Thin people don’t see weight gain as a catastrophe. They quickly address the issue by controlling their eating and exercising more.

    9. They believe they can make good decisions. They don’t think that intuitive eating is unfair. Contrary to what most people believe, thin people do make an effort to maintain their weight and stay healthy. They accept limitations of smaller portions or eating healthier food without feeling that life is unfair.

    10. Thin people manage their weight better when they reach their ideal weight. They view healthy eating as a way of life rather than the means to an end. They have a positive way of thinking about food and weight that isn’t dependent upon what size they are.

    11.They don’t break off a healthy eating diet just because they have reached their target. They stay with the plan.

    So if you:

    • Confuse hunger with the desire to eat.
    • Like the feeling of being stuffed full.
    • Fool yourself about how much you eat.
    • Comfort yourself with food.
    • Have a low tolerance for hunger and cravings
    • Feel helpless and hopeless when you gain weight.
    • Focus on feeling that things are unfair.
    • Stop dieting once you lose  the weight.

    Chances are you will continue to struggle with your weight.

    My advice to you is very simple: Think like a thin person and you will experience amazing results because weight loss is not about what you eat, it’s about why and how you eat.

    Start today, think like a thin person for just one day. Take five minutes out this evening and reflect on the decisions and actions you made. Were they different? Write down your thoughts and experiences so that you can see in black and white how this mindset shift affected your behavoiour.

    Now I would like to hear from you. Drop me an email and let me know what you think. Or do the homework and let me know how you got on. I read and reply to every email I receive and I would be happy to help if there was anything you found challenging or if you’d like to share some successful insights that would be wonderful too!