Are you feeling low? Anxious? Stressed? Are you finding it hard to cope?

    Are anxiety, panic or stress getting in your way?


    Are you afraid of going out?

    Do you worry about having a panic attack?

    Do people make you feel nervous?

    Do social situations make you nervous?

    Do you drink too much in social situations?

    Do you get upset with people or do they get upset with you?

    Do you worry about job interviews or exams?

    Do you have problems maintaining relationships with friends, family or colleagues?

    Are you sometimes envious of other people’s abilities?

    Do you find yourself getting upset at the smallest of things?

    Does life just seem too stressful at times?

    Would you like to feel calmer and more ‘in control’?

    Alleviate your anxiety

    I’m not always able to answer straight away so please do leave me a message and I’ll get back to you within 48 hours.